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fic - Glee: It's Okay If You're Coming With Me, Kurt/Blaine

Title: It's Okay If You're Coming With Me
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Notes: Short post-DWS fic; lazy title from "My Love Is Your Love."

Make-up sex was great.

Although technically the sex happened two days after the making up, so Blaine wasn't sure if it counted. In any case, sex with Kurt was great, and God, he had missed it. They'd had phone sex a few times in the past month, carefully timed so that the Hummel-Hudson household would be empty when they did, but it just wasn't the same when Blaine couldn't see him, couldn't taste him, couldn't touch him—couldn't grasp him by the hips and fuck him, blankets sliding off the bed and pillows strewn across the floor as Kurt braced his hands against the rocking headboard and moaned. Kurt had made sure that Finn and Sam would be out of the house (the benefits of having his two best girl friends dating his housemates) and Blaine had wanted to draw it out as long as he could: wanted to savor every whimper he drew out of Kurt with the slow pull of his cock and every gasp as he thrust in. But it had been too long and Kurt was too hot, too gorgeous, too everything, and all too soon he was wrapping his arms Kurt's middle, yanking him back, and hugging him tight as he shuddered apart as deep inside of him as he could reach.

God, he had missed Kurt.

Looking back, Blaine realized that he'd started to pull away right after their anniversary. It was just—it had suddenly hit him all at once. That next year they would be spending their anniversary in different states. If, an insidious thought had whispered, they were even still together by then.

And it was hard, after that, to drum up constant enthusiasm about NYADA. It was exhausting, actually.

Time alone together always required some scheduling, just to work around school and glee and their families. But opportunities always arose—parents unexpectedly stepping out, Sugar pretending to faint to get booty camp to end early—and Blaine had started avoiding them. At the time, it had felt like the best strategy: it cut down the number of times he had to hear about New York, and he could stock up his energy for their date nights. So he passed on senior skip day, and told Kurt his dad wanted to go out for a family dinner that night since Cooper was still in town, and that he was working on something with Mike and Brittany and couldn't get together that weekend, and Mr. Schue wanted his help on a project and it would probably take all afternoon so Kurt should just get a ride with Finn and he'd see him tomorrow.

Now, lying wrapped up with him on Kurt's sex-rumpled bed, Blaine regretted not saying anything earlier. He'd never meant to make Kurt feel unwanted; with as focused on NYADA and New York as Kurt had been, he'd thought Kurt wouldn't have even noticed how infrequently they were spending time together.

One of Kurt's hands was scratching absently through the hair at the nape of his neck, a soothing little scrape, and Blaine hummed, still pleasantly coasting on his sex high. He wound his arms more securely around Kurt's side and nuzzled into his chest, listening to his heart slow down. "I'm sorry I made you feel that way," Kurt murmured, hand dropping down to fan across his shoulder and squeeze. Blaine looked up at his face, and Kurt gave him an apologetic smile. "I never thought you'd think I was eager to leave you; just eager to go."

Blaine rubbed his thumb into Kurt's hip. "I know; I'm sorry, too. And it's not that I'm not happy for you. I am. I was just sad for us."

"Blaine." Kurt rolled up onto his side so that they were facing each other fully. He cupped Blaine's jaw and said with absolute conviction, "Everything is going to be okay."

Blaine smiled and opened up for the kiss when it came, as fervent but even sweeter than he expected.

He didn't really believe that it would be as simple as Skyping and weekend visits, but that wasn't really the point; all he'd wanted to hear was that Kurt was still going to make him a priority. If Kurt believed in them so fiercely then so could he, because if nothing else Blaine believed that Kurt could do anything he set his mind to.
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